Motul Fluids Upgrade

We all know that fluid maintenance is an important part of keeping your car running healthy for a long time. Given the abuse that our cars go thorough (hundreds of dyno pulls, 2000+ mile road trips, and many track days) we need to make sure that we put in the best fluids that we can find.

The tricky part is trying to find out what exactly is the best for our cars? With so many oil, brake, and transmission fluid options out there how do we know which one performs the best?

I am not quite sure it is something we will ever truly have a great answer for. We decided to go with some of the most trusted brands in Motorsports and see how they fair in our 2018 Civic SI. For this first round of fluid changes we opted to run Motul fluids.

Motul banner for Honda.jpg

Motul is a french company that has been around since the mid 1800’s and designs, tests, and manufactures a variety of high performance fluids. This time we opted to switch to their engine oil and transmission fluid and then top it all off with a coolant additive for the track.


Manufacture: Motul

Part #: 300V 0W-20 racing oil, Gear 300 LS transmission fluid, and MoCool additive

Components: 4 liters of engine oil, 2 liters of transmission fluid, and .5 liters of coolant additive


  • 100% fully synthetic engine oil with Ester core base (Ester is more pure oil base that the traditional base stocks of most synthetic oils)

  • The 300V line comes with special friction modifers to increase power output

  • 75W-90 gear oil designed to work with the limited slip differential (LSD) in our FC1 and all new 2016+ Civics with LSD

  • Coolant additive to improve heat transfer and keep temps down

We opted to stay with the OEM 0W-20 weight engine oil. We do not feel the car is at a level that requires us to go to 5W-30 just yet. In the future as we get more power out of the car and introduce ethanol fuel into the mix we will bump up the 5W. Look for an upcoming blog where dive into the specifics of the oil selection.


Out of the can the car feels great. We did not notice any dramatic changes (like increased power or improved torque) but one cannot really expect anything super dramatic with an engine oil change. The transmission fluid change on the other hand gave us some nice noticeable improvements.

The shifts are more crisp and it feels a little bit easier to change gears. We were noticing a bit of notchy feeling in the shifter after the install of our Acuity parts and this fluid change took care of that. We are happy with how our Civic now rows through the gears and makes it very easy to shift. This fluid change was simple upgrade that not only improve our gear changing but sets up the car to take abuse on track.

We will get the car on track again soon and see if the MoCool has had any effect. Comment below and let us know what oils and additives you use and what you think?