Rear Camber Arm Upgrade - Our Quest for Camber Pt.1

Now that our 2018 Civic SI is lowered its time we start fine-tuning the suspension. Our car will see a variety of different wheel set-ups for various styles of driving. From daily driver to autocross, all the way to time attack we need to be able to set up the suspension geometry differently to suit the task at hand.

In order to have the car optimized to handle the way we need we to have the correct hard parts installed underneath the car. Today we will be installing the first round of geometry correction parts to allow us to do just that.

Starting in the rear we are replacing the OEM rear non-adjustable camber arms with a set of fully adjustable aluminum camber arms from SPC.

SPC - Arms  (2) small.jpg

Specialty Products Company or SPC for short is a suspension and alignment tuning company that has been around for years and have knack at making all the odd pieces that one needs to dial in a suspension. For the tenth generation Civic they offer the rear camber arm in two versions.

  • Simple stamped steel

  • Forged aircraft grade aluminum

We opted for the aluminum version because it is both lighter and stronger than the OEM unit its replacing. It also looks a lot nicer under the car and it carries provisions for headlight level sensor.


Manufacture: SPC

Part #: 67476 (sold per arm, will need Qty 2x)

Components: One forged aluminum adjustable rear camber arm


  • Direct bolt on, (no modifications required)

  • Allows up to a +/- 3.0 degrees of camber without removing the unit from the car

  • Fully sealed flex joints to reduce compliance

  • Includes bracket to attach headlight level adjuster

OEM Camber arm next to SPC Camber Arm

OEM Camber arm next to SPC Camber Arm

The construction of these camber arms is very nice. They are light, strong, and look good. They installed easily. The ends were sized perfectly and all of our bolts lined right up. Some may find that they have to lower the rear subframe to get the old ones out and the new ones in but we found that if you have the right tools and a pair of small hands that you can do the install without the daunting task of dropping the subframe.

The adjustment on these arms is just what we needed. Our time attack wheel and tire combination has a mildly aggressive stance at +32 with a 255 tire and sits pretty close the rear fender on our ground control set-up. With these cambers arms we were able to dial in at about -1.5 deg in the rear which gave our tire the right amount of breathing room.

Check out our Pro-Tip at the botom

Check out our Pro-Tip at the botom

We have been very happy with these arms and recommend them to anyone who needs to dial in some camber in the rear. With a wide range of adjustment they are bound to work for you.


Before you install your new arm on the car we suggest that you line it up with the OEM arm as we show in the picture above. Start by inserting a bolt into both arms on the fixed end then adjusting the other end till you can get the other bolt to slide into both arms freely (no resistance).This will match your new SPC arm to OEM and thus gives you a factory starting point. We recommend a professional wheel alignment after installation.