Frequently Asked Questions


Before You Order

1) Q: What is 27WON?

A: We specialize in Honda Performance parts and service. Check out our ABOUT US page.

2) Q: How do I find out what I need to know about ordering parts from 27WON?

A: The place to start is our ORDERING INFO page. We recommend reading through the rest of the questions in this FAQ to see if other questions you might have are answered.

3) Q: How do I contact 27WON?

A: Our CONTACT INFO page has our phone numbers, email, and address. Please provide your order number for all inquires about a pending order.

4) Q: Does 27WON ship parts outside the USA?

A: Yes, We will ship to most countries in the world. Keep in mind that many countries charge duties and other import fees to import parts from the USA. 27WON cannot estimate or bill you for importation charges. We only charge for parts and shipment. Contact your local government for information about import charges and fees. 27WON designs and sells all parts for USA model cars, and does not guarantee fitment on international models.

5) Q: What happens after I submit my order?

A: In most cases, orders ship within a business day. If your order has parts that we do not have in stock we will contact you promptly. In most cases, we will not bill you until we are ready to ship your order.

6) Q: What payment methods does 27WON accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, cash, and Paypal. We also accept direct transfers via Popmoney. Only credit cards, Popmoney, and Paypal can be used when ordering online.

7) Q: Why don’t you Offer Free Shipping outside of the lower 48?

A: We work hard to provide the most accurate shipping quotes possible. We pass the cost of shipping onto our international customer’s straight from our carriers. Our actual cost is higher than what we charge customers – Yes, that means we lose money on shipping – We are totally transparent here. If you have an issue with a shipping quote, feel free to reach out to us

8) Q: How do I get a Shipping Quote?

A: Shipping for most items is included at no extra charge in the price to the contiguous 48 states. There is additional cost for Alaska, Hawaii, and all international orders. A shipping quote for those locations can be created in your shopping cart. Please contact us if the price doesn't make sense. We can double check it and explain the cost to you. 

9) Q: Can I ship to an alternate address than my billing address?

A: First-time customers that want to ship to an address other than their billing address should call the bank that issued their debit or credit card and add the shipping address as an “alternate” address. Failure to do this will cause a delay in processing your order. If you pay via Paypal we require a Verified account and a Confirmed shipping address.

After You Order

10) Q: Do you offer Layaway or a Payment Plan?

A: Please stay tuned. This option is in development.

11) Q: How do I track my order?

A: Tracking information is available in several locations. We email you out a copy of your invoice electronically with the tracking # at the top right of the invoice. Simply click on the bold numbers and it will take you to see the progress on your shipment. If you have a registered account you can also login to your account. Under the my orders tab you can view tracking information for all of your orders.

12) Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Orders can be cancelled or changed up until we ship. No refund is normally due to you because we generally don’t bill until we ship. You must CALL US to cancel an order.

13) Q: Can I return my purchase?

A: All returns that are not warranty or manufactures defects are subject to a 10% re-stock fee and return shipping cost. See our ORDERING INFO page for more details. All returns require a return authorization number. Submit a Warranty or Return Ticket Here.

14) Q: Do I get technical support?

A: We are happy to provide technical support to our customers. Simply CALL or EMAIL us with your order number and we’ll help you the best we can.

15) Q: What if I am not satisfied with the product or service I receive?

A: We strive to satisfy our customers. CALL US immediately if you have any concerns about the quality of the products or service you receive from 27WON.

Other Questions

16) Q: Does 27WON offer Sponsorships?

A: Rarely. When we do, we cover all or part of the cost of 27WON brand products. Anyone seriously looking for sponsorship should prepare a professional portfolio.

17) Q: You guys need to make THIS awesome part I have an idea for.... who do I tell?

A: Let us know by submitting your product idea. We get most of our product ideas from passionate car lovers like you, so please let us know what you want!

18) Q: What does SRI and RMM mean?

A: There are plenty of Acronyms for parts in the performance part world. Here are some of the most common.

  • BOV - Blow Off Valve

  • BPV - Bypass Valve

  • CAI - Cold Air Intake

  • CEL - Check Engine Light

  • CBE - Cat Back Exhaust

  • DP - Downpipe

  • FMIC - Front Mount Intercooler

  • HPFP - High Pressure Fuel Pump

  • PMM - Passenger Motor Mount

  • RMM - Rear Motor Mount

  • SRI - Short Ram Intake

  • TBE - Turbo Back Exhaust

  • TIP - Turbo Inlet Pipe

  • TMM - Transmission Motor Mount

19) Q: What should my first modification be?

A: It all depends on if you want: power, handling or style. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

20) Q: My friend has a Honda and I want to buy them a gift. Any ideas?

A: A Gift Certificate is always a great choice. Otherwise feel free to call us so we can chat about their car!

21) Q: Do you have "XYZ" for my car? Will "XYZ" be releasing soon?

A: Check out our Blog or social media pages for the most recent info on product releases, product ideas, plans, and news.

22) Q: Will installing "XYZ" part void the Warranty on my Car?

A: Legally a dealership or manufacturer cannot void a warranty in the United States because of an aftermarket part. To void your warranty they would have to prove that the installation of the part caused the failure. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act specifically covers this. Unfortunately many dealerships still will try and tell you that because you have a performance part on your car, they will not warranty you. Though this is illegal, we recommend working with your dealership before modifying or finding a modification friendly dealership in your area. 

Thank you!