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27WON Performance (pronounced "Two-Seven-One") was birthed from a deep passion for making cars look and perform at a completely new level.

Our founders originally began their background customizing and racing their personal cars before starting another performance company specifically designed for Mazdas back in 1998. Following the growth and success of that company, we set our sights on bringing over two decades worth of experience in our industry to the Honda category.

Named after the first Honda Formula One car to enter a race, 27Won Performance is the culmination of our combined business knowledge, customer excellence, superior engineering, and straight-up love of cars all packed into one incredible super-brand.



The Honda RA271 was Honda's second Formula One racing car, and its first to actually enter a race. It was driven in three races during 1964 by American driver Ronnie Bucknum.

The car was developed from the company's 1963 prototype, retrospectively designated RA270. It was developed around Honda's revolutionary F1 engine, a 1.5 L V12, at a time when V8s dominated the F1 paddock, as constructed by BRM, Climax, Ferrari and ATS. The only other major manufacturer deviating from the received V8 wisdom were Ferrari, who experimented with both V6 and flat-12 layouts, although they ultimately elected to stick with their V8. No other manufacturers were running V12s at the time. The RA271 made its race debut during the 1964 Formula One season, just one year after Honda started producing road cars, and was the first Japanese-built car ever to enter a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Only one RA271 was ever built.


The 27WON Core Values

Fight for the greater good, putting company and team first

We put the team ahead of our personal needs in order to support the greater good of the company. Sometimes having our personal desires take a back seat for a period of time in order for the team, goals, and vision to be met.

Be A Team Player

We are helpful hole-fillers who are always willing to work as a utility player, wearing any hat needed to move forward as a company. We strive to work together towards our common goals and own our individual role in the success of the company. We always offer a helping hand when we see it’s needed.

Get The Right S**t Done, Well

We work hard at what we do, and we focus on the right tasks. It is not just that we have a great work ethic; it is that we plan, prioritize, and focus on the goals ahead of us.

Strive To Elevate Each Other

We treat others with respect and keep an open mind. We inspire one another to grow, learn and realize our full potential. Candor and honesty are appreciated and encouraged and we do our best to avoid criticism or cynicism.

love cars & community

We are members of a community of enthusiasts helping each other push the limit of what we have done with our cars. Whatever it is; wrenching, hanging out with friends, or racing you can bet our Honda’s are right there with us as we make memories with those most important to us.