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Ground Control SI install

When the need came to lower our 10th gen SI in early 2018 the options where pretty slim. The car still being less than a year old at the time meant that many companies were still very early in the development of parts or in some cases still had not even got their hands on one. Because of this what we had to choose from was not many choices. That being said we knew what we needed to get out of a lowering solution and worked backward from there.

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Keeping Things Cool (Sirimoto Oil Cooler)

Knowing that our 2018 Civic SI will find itself on many road courses and race tracks over the coming years it was important that we started early to prepare the car to be able to take the abuse. We knew we needed to add the provisions and parts to make for a reliable car both on track and on the street and that was going to start with heat management. The quests to keep temps in control lead us to the guys at Siri Moto.

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Short is sweet, the short shift from Acuity

Practically every new FWD manual car from the factory (which isn’t many now, R.I.P. manual) comes with cable style shifters that connect the bottom of our shifter assembly to the top of our transaxle. While they have flexibility in design and allow to create much tighter and compact packages they do not offer the same kind of direct feel you will get with a hard linkage setup

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