Hondata for the FK7

The next step in modifying our FK7 after we designed the exhaust and intake was to start tuning it so we could optimize our freshly installed parts. Even though our full exhaust and intake system don’t require any tuning on a 2016+ Civic Hatchback Sport to work; we wanted to dial in the fueling and ignition maps to squeeze out more hp from car. To accomplish this we turned to Doug over at Hondata.

Hondata is a maker of engine tuning devices and software. As the name implies they are strictly Honda (Just Like us) which allows them to put tons of focus on the HONDA platform rather than jump around to various makes and models. This was really great because it means we have a company with years of experience working on Honda TUNING.

For our 10th gen Civic they offer the FlashPro which is a simple plug and play tuning device. It does not require you to remove or disassemble the OEM power train control module and it is a full reversible install, useful should you have to take it off the car for service or happen to sell it.


Manufacture: Hondata

Part #: Hondata FlashPro

Components: FlashPro Unit with integrated OBD II interface. PC cable for file transfers

Specs and Unique 10th Gen Features:

  • Ability to have 20 hours of on-board data-logging

  • Live tuning

  • Ability to tune for flex fuel (ethanol)

  • Can disable rev-hang

  • Modify boost limit tables

  • Can store 2 different maps on the unit without the need of a laptop


Out of the box the unit is very easy to use. You get the PC cable and the FlashPro unit itself The software that you need to tune the car (FlashPro Manager) can be downloaded straight from their website. The install is pretty straight forward and has easy step by step instructions. You simply just need to make sure you have an internet connection to download the software and register the unit to your car.

One of the things that we like about the FlashPro is that there are tons of basemaps IN the software. Basic maps from plus 3+ psi for those just looking for a little bump in power all the way to calibrations for full bolt on cars and ethanol. We think this is really cool because it makes it very easy for people to see immediate and easy results with their new tuning device. These base maps can be A very handy place to start when dialing in a custom tune.


Another great aspect of the FlashPro for our Civic Hatchback is all the maps we can tune. We have several fuel and ignition maps at our disposal which we find super useful. We can dial things in like hot and cold starts, idle maps, and even set boost by gears limits. These are really great for helping bring the power in smoothly and help protect the engine from to much torque.

Lots and lots of people and tuners are familiar with the Hondata software. This makes it easy for those looking to get a custom tune. You won’t likely have to go far to find someone to give you a tune.

Hondata-27WON images (4).JPG

All in all we have been very happy with the FlashPro. It is a mod we highly recommend for anyone looking to get into the tuning game.