Whiteline Springs, Wheels and Tires

The FK8 is a great car out of the box but one thing we hate is the OEM wheel and tire package.


To us it was like riding on some rocks and we did not love the feedback that it gave or the fact that there was no real good amount of sidewall on our tires. Having only had the car for about a month now we decided that our Type R needed an altitude adjustment.

This was going to come in the form of a new wheel and tire package and again with some help from our friend Joel at Whiteline North America.

We wanted to start off with a simple lowering spring upgrade. We also wanted to gain some stiffness and change the look of the car but did not need to make the jump to coilovers yet as the car is still pretty stock and we actually really like the oem dampers. We opted for a set of lowering springs from Whiteline that where a direct fitment for our CTR.


Manufacture: Whiteline

Part #: WSK-HONO17

Components: set of 4x lowering performance springs


  • 4.5kg/mm (253 lb/in) front spring

  • 5.1kg/mm (286 lb/in) rear spring

  • 20mm ride height drop

  • 12% rear bias

This spring set-up was just what we were looking for. The OEM front spring is 4.7kg/mm (263 lb/in) and a a 4.2kg/mm (235 lb/in) rear. So by going with this new set up with got a more rear bias car which is what we where after. We really like to get these FWD cars to rotate some more in the corners and this set up helps do that while still being very tame for the street and daily comfort. Install of the front lowering springs on the Type R are different than that of all the other trim levels of Civic because of the unique suspension design up front. We found we had to introduce some extra steps to make the install come together. Will include a how to video link up on our YouTube Channel for that in the future.

Now that we got the ride height where we wanted it was time for some new shoes. We wanted a true performing wheel that would shave weight, fit great and look awesome. We got that in the form of some WedsSport wheels and then wrapped them in some Toyo Tires. The selection of the Weds wheels for us was a rather easy one. Weds is one of the few wheel brands that uses the rigor of Motorsports for actual R&D testing, along with continually creating new development methods for there wheels. There AMF technology that they created and employ on there wheels is some of the most advance wheel manufacturing technology that exist.


Manufacture: WedsSport Wheels

Type: RN-05M 18x9.5+36 in Gloss Black

Tire: 275/35/18 Toyo Proxes Sport

Our wheel and tire combo fit perfect under the lowered FK8 with zero rubbing up front and just a touch of rub in the rear. We are going to pick up some toe arms from Whiteline to dial in a bit more negative camber in the rear and we should be riding perfect. Will aim for about -1deg of camber for now.

The proxes so far have proven to be a great ultra high performance season tire and we can’t wait to get on track and see how they handle.


As mentioned the install of the front lowering springs on the 2017+ Type R is a bit different than that of your regular Civic. We found that un-bolting the lower front control arm from the chassis was the best way to allow our lower suspension front enough room to swing down and out so that we could get our front strut out. We filmed and documented this whole process and will be getting a YouTube video up for you guys in the near future.