Laying it ALL Out, 2017+ Civic SI Performance Exhaust Pt.3

The team at 27WON Performance immediately took your feedback from SI Exhaust Blog Part 2 last week and created another design. This time we combined your feedback from Exhaust Blog Part 1 (V1 with the sharp dual tips) and our new design from last week (V2) and came up with a new design (V3) to present.

Before we get into that, let’s have a quick refresher. At 27WON Performance, we set out to create an exhaust system for the 2017 and 2018 Honda Civic SI coupe and sedan that was designed specifically with the unique OE bumper cut-out in mind.  We did not want to settle for the standard round tips option like most other companies.

This was version #1;

V1 with its dual tips and angular design showed that something other than round tips is interesting on the new 10th generation Civic SI. You guys and gals gave us some awesome feedback like “the overall design intent is great, love the dual tips, but the boxed square corners look unfinished”.  

We literally went back to the drawing board with a goal to create a more ‘finished’ version. To us this meant one that better captures the lines of the SI. Perhaps we went too far? That’s what some of you said. No problem, it’s all part of the creative design process!  

Let’s recap version #2;

V2 included many new features including a double wall to make the tip look “fuller” and more “finished”. We also went to a single outlet design with rounded upper corners that better fit the bumper cutout, much like the OE tip design. Again, the feedback from the community was awesome and a bit surprising. The more refined finish was a real hit, along with the rounded corners, but the single outlet was on the edge. Many times over we heard the request to bring back the dual tips from the first design. FYI don’t mind the color, that’s the filament used for the 3D print and not the actual color of the system.

With that we decided to combine what we learned from both version 1 and version 2 SI Exhaust Designs.  

This is version #3;

We present our V3 Civic SI Exhaust design.

Notice we kept the rounded corners that many of you loved along with the dual wall tip to maintain the “fuller” and “finished” style. The greatest improvement came with the re-introduction of the dual exit tip design. Aiming to maintain symmetry and flow in the tip design, we brought back the parallelogram shape from version 1 but this time added the rounded corner to the lower inside points.  

Altogether, we think V3 really captures the elements from the first two versions that you’ve told us are the most important. Please leave us your comments and thoughts below, your feedback is impacting this design real-time. We are ready to sort out manufacturability and build a functional prototype so you can see what this version of our SI front-pipe back exhaust looks and sounds like.

SO be sure to do your part and vote. Which one do you want to see #1, #2 or #3? Cast your vote in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback and choosing to #REDEFINE