Honda CivicX Rear Motor Mount Design Blog Pt 2

It’s time for an update on the 27WON Rear Motor Mount (RMM) for the 2016+ Honda Civic.

The last time we discussed the RMM found on the CivicX platform we discussed motor mount design theory and explored the OE rear engine mount structure. For this installment, we are going to dig into our design a bit more so that you guys understand how the 27WON CivicX RMM is going to REDEFINE a performance engine mount for you.

If you missed the 27WON RMM Design Part 1 I suggest you check that out first so that you have a good understanding of the original Honda design.  

Here at 27WON, we took an “outside the box” approach to the design of this rear engine mount. We completely eliminated a large OE bushing and replaced it with rigid billet aluminum mount This leaves a single polyurethane bushing located on the engine side of the RMM. Removing a bushing may seem counter-intuitive, but there is a method to this madness!


First, before we explain our RMM design; lets talk about how the engine moves in the engine bay. There are three engine/transmission mounts that support the engine; the Rear Motor Mount, the Transmission Mount, and the Passenger Side Engine Mount.  The transmission and passenger side mounts suspend the engine in the vehicle and create an “axis of rotation” for the engine’s movement, while the rear motor mount purely has the job of keeping the engine from rotating in the engine bay: forward/backward and up/down.

Check out the diagram below:  

civic-type-r-engine -mount.jpg

The OE RMM (or any RMM that has bushings on both ends) allows pivot at both the chassis end and engine end of the RMM. More pivot means more engine movement which means less of the power your engine is making is getting to the road effectively and in the end of the day all the horsepower in the world means nothing if you can’t get the power to the ground.

For a RMM, each mount point with a bushing is a source of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). Performance rear motor mounts typically have two. Our mount has one.

The 27WON RMM has a rigid mount at the chassis which nearly eliminates the engine from moving up and down. 100% of the engines rotational movement is now controlled on the engine side of the RMM by a single high durometer polyurethane bushing set with a stainless steel sleeve.


Alright, that was a lot of technical jargon.  So what does this mean for you and your Honda Civic and Civic Type R?

Allow us like to share some feedback from one of our Beta Testers:

I’ve done a few launches and lots of 2nd and 3rd gear pulls -- wheel hop is gone. Quite a bit of vibrations under load but nothing that’s unbearable. At cruising speeds and idle its perfect.

We asked: How does the 27WON RMM compare to the other brand performance RMM that you had us swap out on your car?

Definitely quite a bit better; little louder from what I’ve noticed so far, but it really gets rid of the forward and back movement of the motor, so it feels more responsive. Also NO wheel hop is a huge plus that I couldn’t get from the previous mount.

If you think it looks good now, just wait till you see the finished product.

If you think it looks good now, just wait till you see the finished product.

Now, not to be a buzzkill but we want to make sure every customer loves our parts. NVH from a performance motor mount is not for everyone. You see that for our Beta tester the trade-off in more response and less wheel hop along with improved driver feedback was well worth some NVH. Unfortunately, NVH is quite tricky to communicate with words. Louder doesn’t necessarily mean worse. It’s really something you have to experience to understand.

A strong benefit that you will get from our upgraded rear engine mount for your FK8 and other various models is the stronger connection to the chassis. Many of these newer cars put so much emphasis on comfort that it takes away from the driver feedback and connection. We believe our performance RMM loops that characteristic of driving back in and makes it feel like a real Honda.

To sum it up:

The 27WON RMM provides you with drastically reduced engine movement which improves response, reduces wheel hop and shaves nearly a pound of weight all in a durable design with less NVH than most engine mounts on the market.

Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Performance. We DARE You to REDEFINE the Aftermarket