2017+ Civic SI Performance Exhaust – Design with Intention Pt.1

Here at 27WON, it’s the challenges that invigorate us. How we respond to those challenges truly defines us…actually, REDEFINE us. The stock exhaust system with it’s HDMI port styling has been quite a challenge for our team. We hope you like what we’ve come up with.

We are more than capable of designing a performance exhaust system with two or three round tips that look similar to every other exhaust system available for the SI but we wanted something that honored the stock lines better.

This is the same sort of drive to innovate you find in our other recently released products: 27WON CAI, Cast Downpipe, and Drop-In Turbo Kit. This time we turned to the community for guidance in design.

Shout-out to all of our friends on CivicX.com for the great feedback and support

Shout-out to all of our friends on CivicX.com for the great feedback and support

We received an overwhelming amount of feedback and a handful of actual mockups.  

The amount of community involvement and feedback was just beyond awesome.

After a long review and direct communication with iShift_6 on CivicX Forum we decided to move toward a design like the one shown above.  

After many hours of CAD iterations we came to the design shown here:


This design closely follows the rendering created by iShift_6. However, CAD model can only take us so far and we wanted to see what it would look like on an actual car, so we turned to our in-house 3D printer to make the design a reality and mocked it up on the 27WON SI Sedan.


Close, but not quite right.  

Mocked on the SI Sedan, the tips seemed overwhelming to the rest of the car mainly due to the height.  A few iterations later we had a design that was slimmer, fits better within the bumper valance, and was designed in a way that could actually be manufactured.  

We’ll spare you more pictures of plastic exhaust tips and skip to our second set of prototypes we’ve made. Are you ready?

Like the Civic Hatchback Sport Exhaust, the SI exhaust features full stainless steel construction, robust 3-bolt flanges, and dual side branch resonators that are tuned to cancel specific drone frequencies without sacrificing noise volume.  


Paired with a 27WON Front-Pipe and Downpipe for a complete turbo-back exhaust system, the Civic SI Performance Exhaust provides a throaty and intoxicating exhaust note. Check out a nice exhaust teaser note on our YouTube channel here. Will be sure to get some more as we get closer to release. 

Now we need your feedback!

Drop a comment in the blog below, email us, call us, message us on social, it doesn’t matter. So are you ready? Help us by answering the questions below. 

  1. Do you like the look of the rectangular (technically parallelogram) tips?

  2. We are looking at $1292.71 retail with free shipping in the lower 48 states. If you do like the design, would you buy it for that?

  3. Do you care if the tips are polished or black?

  4. We’ve considered cast tips. It’s a considerable investment to go that route. This design with cast tips would certainly be more than $1292.71. Would you pay more for CAST tips? note: cast tips allow us more flexibility in design and creating a unique shape that would be exactly how we define it and set it, so we can make almost anything, but development/investment cost is higher.

The communities feedback is super important to us and our brand. We are not just going to make something and force it on you. We are going to create what YOU want; to the best of our abilities. We want to provide a performance exhaust for the 10th gen Civic that you will love. 


So let your voice be heard and drop a comment below. 

We dare you to REDEFINE!