What’s in the Pipeline for the 27WON Civic Type R?

If you haven’t heard already 27WON has added another high performance steed to the stable; a 2018 Civic Type R, number R-11285.  We did try to find a CTR with a “271” in the R number because that would be pretty cool but luck was not on our side.  

With this news, you may be asking “What does 27WON have planned?” That’s a great question and one we will now answer!

CTR -blog -1.JPG

As we approach the new FK8 platform we have to ask ourselves:

  • How do we improve an already amazing 10th gen Civic Type R?

  • How do we REDEFINE not only the performance parts themselves, but the experience that every driver has with his or hers CTR?

  • How do we continue our mission to REDEFINE the Aftermarket?

These are just a few of the many questions we demand answers to when we develop performance parts for the Honda and Acura community. This is an exciting time for the CivicX and specifically the Civic Type R.

Now let’s take a glimpse at what’s in our pipeline for the CTR.


If you’ve been following 27WON from day 1 then you know about our unique exhaust system for the Hatchback Sport and SI Sedan. It utilizes two tuned length side-branch resonators that eliminate specific drone frequencies without drastically reducing volume.

We intend to take this design theory and apply it to the FK8 platform with its own tuned lengths as needed. We mention the fact that this exhaust will be specifically tuned for the FK8 because with a larger displacement engine and larger exhaust piping the drone frequencies will change. This won’t just be random pipe thrown under the car to be loud but an exhaust designed specifically for the K20C1 engine and Civic chassis.

The team is very excited for this project.  We’ve taken our R&D from the Sport Hatchback and the SI and are elevating it for the FK8 chassis.  We will incorporate much larger piping and some design features that will minimize the overall weight. Additionally, with all the recent hype about the change in how noise violations can be fined in some states, we will be looking to offer a lower db level version.

Sample FC1 drawing

Sample FC1 drawing

A known issue with the CTR is heat management; any improvements with the heat exchangers on the Civic Type R are going to be beneficial. We plan to explore the intercooler design and the associated components such as the flimsy rubber boost tubes.

If you’ve been tracking our development of our L15 Front Mount Intercooler Kit, then you’ll be stoked to hear we are also developing a CTR Intercooler Upgrade. Maximizing the size and efficiency of the intercooler is our primary goal. Keep an eye on the development of the L15 FMIC kit because any breakthroughs there will directly feed into our CTR intercooler.

CTR -blog -8.JPG

Lastly, at 27WON Performance, we strongly believe in putting our products through the stress of hard use and abuse. We frequently participate in HPDE (High-Performance Driving Events) track days and time attack to test our parts and enjoy these amazing vehicles. With this type of testing, we find the parts and/or issues that are compromising overall performance. The BBK for the SI and Non-SI models is a great example of this.

From the many track days, we’ve confirmed that increasing chassis stiffness is beneficial to improve response and driver feedback. We’ve got a hunch we are going to be able to improve chassis stiffness in a noticeable way. We’ve got to keep some secrets so that’s all we’ll say about this right now. ;)

With that I’ll leave you wondering what else is over the horizon for the Civic Type R, because trust us…there’s more.

Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Performance. I DARE You to REDEFINE the Aftermarket