Black MAF option now available for Cold Air Intakes

Ask and you shall receive. After dozens of request on Facebook /Instagram, more than a few emails, and several phone calls we are pleased to announce our CivicX cold air intake system is now available with a black MAF housing.

Black Maf  (2).jpg

Up until today, our unique CAI kit came only with our signature orange MAF.

Let's be honest - it looks really good under the hood. However, for some our Signature Orange is to bold or just does not work with their theme. For both the SI and Non-si models you can now get the same precision machined MAF housing but in a gloss black finish as voted on by you guys.

Black Maf  (1).jpg
BLACK MAF  (4).jpg

Our cold air intake is the only hybrid system of its kind. It gives you the cooler air charge and power of a true CAI but the serviceability and hydro-lock prevention of a Short Ram Intake (SRI). Additionally, this is the only cold air intake that will fit on Canadian models without requiring any relocation of your windshield washer reservoir. If you want to learn more about our design click on the image below.

All colors and fitments in stock and shipping now. Pick yours up here today.  

Till next time