W1 Honda Civic Turbo Kit Now Shipping Pt.6 - The Journey

We are proud to announce the initial shipments of the first performance drop-in turbo kit for the Honda Civic SI, Hatchback, EX, and LX equipped with the L15B7 1.5L turbocharged engine.  

The new Earth Dreams turbo 1.5L found in most 2016+ Civics has proven to be a potent and thrifty performance engine while offering a lot of bang for buck. However, there is always more to be had which is what inspired us to find more power, response, and reliability and all while passing our vehicle inspections. :)  


We wanted to use this blog as our conclusion of sorts and take a look at the past few months of technical articles we have written for the community.  You can find some basic anatomy of the 10th generation Civic turbocharger here: Turbo Blog Part 1.

2016 Honda Civic Turbo Kit

FITMENT, this one was important for us.

We know you guys and gals work hard for every performance part that goes on your Civic. We get how frustrating it can be to have to change parts to take the next step in performance; that’s why we decided on a drop in approach for fitment.  The 27WON W1 Turbo Kit fits like OE which means all the parts you’ve already spent hard earned cash on will fit without issue. I invite you to see more on that here: Turbo Blog Part 2.  We also know that installation can be daunting so we are providing everything you need; hardware (including new downpipe studs and nuts), turbine gaskets, oil and coolant lines. No trips to the hardware store are necessary for that random bolt. We made sure that you had everything you need to get the job done right the first time.

Gaskets check, feed lines check, studs and nuts check. You get it all with the W1 and nothing less. When only the best will do.

Gaskets check, feed lines check, studs and nuts check. You get it all with the W1 and nothing less. When only the best will do.

We developed the Drop-In W1 Turbo Kit from scratch with fitment and performance in mind.

Each turbocharger is 100% brand new, meaning there is NO CORE CHARGE, NO DOWN TIME, and better-than-OE components used in the CHRA. Because let's be honest, who can really afford for their car to be down months at a time? Not only that but starting from scratch allowed us to design the housings for larger performance wheels. The larger CHRA utilizes larger bearings and has a higher coolant capacity. Check out more details on that right here: Turbo Blog Part 3. In this case bigger is better.

mmmhhhmmmmmm Billet goodness.

mmmhhhmmmmmm Billet goodness.

Speaking of wheels - this is where the black magic happens.

Our 61% larger turbine wheel features an 11-blade design for fast response and low RPM spool. Along with the larger turbine wheel comes a larger turbine shaft which improves durability and reliability vs a re-worked OE turbocharger.  To complement the larger turbine, a 59% larger compressor wheel features a staggered 6x6 blade design and extended blade tips. For more details on the turbocharger wheels and some sexy billet goodness check out the blog here: Turbo Blog Part 4.


POWER; the 27WON W1 Drop-In Turbo Kit for the Honda Civic performs exceptionally well.

The little L15B7 1.5L loves boost and octane;

we saw some very impressive gains going from 91 Octane gas with a Hondata OTS 9+psi tune to an optimized E85 tune.  We experienced gains of 122wHP and 90wTQ! Even better is how the W1 turbo produces power. Spool was 600-700 rpm later in the RPM range which takes some serious stress off the connecting rods. Power was carried to redline. Compare this to the OE turbocharger in which power starts to drop-off around 5500 rpm.  Minimal spool delay and much more usable power to redline results in a very fun performance turbo kit that is still suitable for daily driving. Check out more details on power testing and results here: Turbo Blog Part 5.

We did it for the gains!!!

We did it for the gains!!!

Lastly, and most importantly, we developed this performance drop-in turbo kit for you - the enthusiast.  

Power, response, reliability, and fitment were our goals because we believe that’s what really matters to you.  In order to REDEFINE the Aftermarket we create innovative performance parts and get them to you with awesome service. That’s our promise.

With one of our biggest projects to date now flying off the shelf's you might be thinking what’s next? SI exhaust, RMM upgrade, FK8 parts, even more? Well believe me when I tell you we are just getting started so I suggest you follow along. ;)

I dare you to REDEFINE

-Barett @ 27WON