THE Leather Shift Knob Designed for YOU

You’ve all come to learn that we love sharing how excited we are about the projects we have in the works for the 10th Generation Civic. Sometimes we like to keep a project hidden in the background so we can surprise the community. This is just one of the many such projects; a 27WON Performance Leather Shift Knob!


This isn’t just another standard round aluminum shift knob that can be quickly machined on a lathe (which by the way can be quite hot in the sun). This one is ergonomically designed, genuine leather wrapped, and hand stitched. This shift knob designed with the driver in mind.

Why leather?  Leather is a fantastic material for performance parts that you feel. Leather is soft to the touch, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and has a timeless style. Combined with hand stitching and an embroidered 27WON logo, this shift knob is a great addition to your CivicX cockpit.

We don’t just want to help you go fast but also look good doing it.


BUT…here is where you come in. We need your feedback. We’ve created a few photo-shop renderings of the original black on black prototype for you to help us decide what color and logo design you’d like best in your Civic.

First up is the prototype black stitching with black 27WON logo. This design is stealthy…almost too stealthy, but a good aesthetic fit for the non-SI MTX and some CTR owners.


Next up, we could call this the “typical” red stitching with black 27WON; this really will look great in the Type R and Civic SI with the OE red interiors.


We are considering bringing in our iconic W logo for a different look.


Lastly, what is a 27WON Performance product for your Civic without a little splash of our Signature Orange?


What color stitching? Which version of the logo? Where? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

We’ll leave you with one last shot of the all black prototype in the 27WON Civic SI.


Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Honda Performance. Until next time…

I Dare You to REDEFINE the Aftermarket

-Barett @ 27WON

P.S. Did I forget to mention this is perfectly weighted for awesome shifts? ;-)