Honda 27WON: What's Coming Down The Pipeline? – Part 1

With the new 27WON Mid-Pipe Back Exhaust out in the world for you all to discuss, critique, and/or desire, we thought it would be great to share a bit about what we are working on next. 

Also, when we say “critique”, we mean that in the best way possible. 

We want to hear your opinions, thoughts, likes/dislikes, and everything you want to share; because ultimately, we at 27Won want to design the stuff you guys and gals want. 

We can’t do that if you don’t tell us. Thanks; now let’s get back to the sneak peek preview.

Unlike the mid-pipe back exhaust, the next few performance parts we are working on will apply to all the 1.5L Civics; no more picking favorites. 

What complements a mid-pipe back exhaust?

A high-flow downpipe and mid-pipe of course!

Along with our performance mid-pipe back exhaust, we are working on a downpipe with high flow catalytic converter and the mid-pipe with flex section to connect the two. The downpipe features OE heat shield retention and cast inlet and outlets for a robust and durable design. 

©27Won Performance

©27Won Performance


What also compliments a high flowing exhaust system? 

A high-flowing intake system no doubt!

With the exhaust system helping to get more air out of the engine efficiently, it makes sense to start getting more air into the engine efficiently, that’s where we will see the engine really come alive.

©27Won Performance

©27Won Performance


Our next goal moves away from producing power and focuses on getting the power to the ground. 

We are investigating and testing a new sport lowering spring design to get your Civic looking good and feeling even better.

Lastly, we have a big project in the works that will take the little 1.5L to the next level... and that’s all I can say on that for the moment. 

Come on, you didn’t think we would tell you all the secrets right?  We have to leave a little suspense and curiosity!

Thanks for tuning in, you can catch more info about what going on at 27WON Performance in the next blog!

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-Barett @ 27WON Performance