Here's Why We're Redefining The Honda Aftermarket Scene

Aftermarket Performance.

It’s a phrase that is used widely in the automotive industry. It’s one of those buzzwords that gets gear-heads excited when they hear it. It sparks curiosity, desire, content, and pride, amongst other feelings.

But what does it mean, and why do we get excited about it? What is it about aftermarket performance that makes us want to have it for our own cars?

An even better question is:

"It truly any better than what we are already equipped with?


Aftermarket - The market for replacement parts, accessories, and equipment for the care or enhancement of the original product.

Performance - The execution or accomplishment of work, acts, feats.



My name is Vincent, and I invite you to explore the next era of Honda tuning with the team here at 27WON Performance.

But first, a little about me so you have an idea of where I come from. (Plus you know, Mom said, "Never talk to strangers", so...)

I have personally been involved in the aftermarket performance world going on 9 years now, and professionally for 5. I have had the opportunity to work at all levels of this world from retail sales, to service work, parts installs, custom tuning and fabrication, manufacturing, and even epic builds with 7-second drag cars and the like. Within that time frame I have seen may trends and fads come and go. I have seen some companies pop up and disappear just as quick.

Even more so, I have seen this culture and lifestyle adapt and change with the times. The people, the meets, the technology, and the scene, all change ever-so-slightly as the years pass by. As those aspects of the culture have changed, so has the definition of aftermarket performance. Words like tuner, ricer, stance, and race-inspired have all taken on new meanings. Perhaps some for better or worse; and with those changes come some good and bad as well.


Many companies, brands, tuners, and individuals have made their name in the import tuner scene that we all know and love. Some of them have been amazing assets to the community and culture.

These are the companies that have pushed the boundaries when others have decided to stop moving. These are the people who have taken the impossible and made it possible; the ones who did whatever it took in order to get that extra tenth of a second. On that same token, there are those who have done the community no good. The companies that have left some high and dry. The individuals who would always put themselves above the greater good. Even some brands that would step on everyone else to say they were better than the rest, not realizing that they were robbing from the culture as a whole by doing so.

One market that has seen more up and down’s, high and lows, is none other than what can arguably be the largest market of the import culture as we know it: You've probably guessed it by now that it's our beloved Honda game.  

Pic: Import Tuner

Pic: Import Tuner

It's fair to say that the Honda Civic is one of the OG founders of the import/sport compact scene, and for us that is a big deal. This car has laid down the foundation for many young car enthusiasts around the globe.

It sparked the gear-head in many of us today, and it will for many new car enthusiasts for years to come. It was one of the founding fathers of the country of race and show cars, and for that we are thankful. But as I mentioned earlier, things have changed. The Honda performance market of today is very different than that of 10, 15, 20 years ago. In some areas it has become a joke or something to not be taken seriously, something of the past or of a time that once was.

Frankly, we don't think that's any way to show respect to one of the elders of the performance scene, and we aim to do something about it. Not just for us or for Honda, but for you! 

You are the reason we have created 27Won. you are the reason we are breathing new life into the Honda world. And we invite you to join us in redefining the Honda scene.  

Gathering from the collective experience of myself and the rest of the team, we set out for 27Won to be something different. We took all the good, ditched the bad, threw in some flare, mixed it all in with some community and fun, and created what you see today. 

It's our goal to create a company that will not just be another Honda aftermarket company for a saturated brand, but rather one that redefines what it means to be a Honda enthusiast.

  • We created our website to not just be a place to purchase parts, but rather a destination for our community to enjoy.
  • Our products are not just big power-boosters, but rather fine-tuned pieces of engineering that are both potent but artful.
  • We have assembled a team who can do more than just process orders, but rather we know our customers because we ARE our customers.

We've set out with a mission to bring something brand new and fresh to Honda Aftermarket Performance.

I invite you to look over our website and read the About Us page. I'd love for you to check out our other blogs and see what we are up to. I welcome your comments, feedback, and ideas so we can grow to be an even better company. I ask that you follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter so that you can come along on our journey and be a part of it. Most importantly I encourage you to read our Philosophy so you can know exactly who we are and what we are going to do to the Honda game as you know it. I invite you to come with us as we REDEFINE THE AFTERMARKET.

Thank you and welcome to 27WON!