27WON wants YOUR Creative Help!

We are excited today because we found an opportunity to get your artistic help. Sure, we could create this design, test a prototype and then send it out the door; but where is the community and collaboration in that?

With a performance part for the 2016+ Honda Civic that can have as much artistic design flexibility as this one, we could not think of a better person to ask than our readers.

So what is this part in question?

Glad you asked…

It’s for your 10th Generation Civic; whether you’ve got a Track Rat, a Daily Driver, and/or a Show Car. It cost less than $100 and takes less than 10 minutes to install and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

We want YOUR help creating a window “vent” design.  Help us bring in the soul of the car, the interest of the community and more. Now you also can REDEFINE the Aftermarket. Everyone was so awesome in giving feedback for the FC1 SI Performance Exhaust design that we know we’ll get some great design ideas on the window vent.

So here is the details, Below is a link to a document with the outline of the window vent. This has been scaled down to fit on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper for easy printing. All you have to do is print this out, grab a drink and a pencil then get creative.

Click to download a printable PDF and lets think outside the box

Click to download a printable PDF and lets think outside the box

Don’t just tell us what YOU want…SHOW us!

Once you have a design you are proud of send it our way to sales@27won.com, drop us a direct message, tag us on Facebook and instagram or post it in the thread at civicx.com.  

To get your creative juices flowing; we’ve created a few design versions below:

This is the STUFF we love about the community! We are excited to see what YOU want! Oh and one more thing. If we end up using your design you will win a FREE SET. So what are you waiting for. Get creative.

Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Performance.  

I Dare you to REDIFINE the Aftermarket