27WON Performance Window Vent Launches for the 2016+ Civic Sedan & SI Sedan

With the 2019 race and show season upon us we are proud to announce the 27WON Window Vents for the 2016+ Civic SI Sedan and Non-SI Sedans.

When we started this project a few months ago we set a goal to create some innovative designs by involving the community. The typical window vent with basic circles was too low a target. We don’t like the style and we didn’t think it should be the only option for the community.


The team worked through many design concepts and after much exploring agreed upon the “Signature” design you see above. You can see how this design captures the lines of the 10th Gen Civic. Our Signature vent will also provide good cabin ventilation at the track during a hot summer day.

However, this is not the bigger half of the story. We wanted to involve the community we are so much a part of. We created an interactive PDF download that you could use to design your own window vent.  This was an awesome success! We received a bunch designs from the community. We picked one to take to production! Big Thanks to @anandbhvt.fk7 for the awesome rendering.

Design courtesy of @anandbhvt.fk7

Design courtesy of @anandbhvt.fk7

You too could submit a design and it could turn into a piece you may see on our site someday.

If you’re interested in submitting your idea for our next limited release Window Vent then click the image below. The PDF has been scaled down to fit on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper for easy printing. All you have to do is print this out, grab a drink, get creative, and shoot us a copy. Will be sure to let everyone know when we will be creating our next version.

We are launching with the Signature and Rising Sun designs. We plan to keep the Signature design around for a while but the Rising Sun is likely a limited release -- so don’t wait too long on to get one.

Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Performance and thank you for being an awesome and involved community. This project wouldn’t exist without all of you.

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