27WON Performance Rear Motor Mount Launches for 2016+ Honda Civic & Civic Type R

Let’s face it, modern cars can be pretty soft or even numb to an extent. This may be fine if all you care about is an A to B commuter car. HOWEVER…we know you didn’t come to 27WON Performance because you want to drive a boring commuter.

We say NO to numb and lackluster response, we say No to wheel hop, and we say NO to being disconnected from your Honda Civic. The 27WON Performance Rear Motor Mount upgrade is here.

We’ve worked hard to develop an upgraded rear motor mount for the Civic SI, Civic Type-R, and other models that provides a good balance of performance and NVH.

Ah yes - NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) is a real thing and can easily ruin a great performance product. This inspired us to REDEFINE what a performance engine mount can truly be, but first we must know how and why the OE RMM was designed the way it was, check that out in Design Blog Part 1.

The 27WON RMM eliminates secondary vibrations with its unique rigid chassis mount design; which you can find more details on in the Design Blog Part 2. The resulting design is one that that optimizes NVH for superb performance. This means greatly improved driver feedback because of the enhanced connection with the vehicle chassis and throttle.


Don’t just take our word for it though; we’ve worked with members of the community just like you to verify our design. Check out this video with Quentin; owner of a 2017 Civic EX-T and this testimony from Ryan; owner of a 2018 Civic Type-R: “I love it! NVH is not bad at all. I was nervous about the 90a, but the only time I really notice it is at cold start up. The car responds so much better now, and less wheel hop. Overall it’s amazing. It’s so close to OEM which is why I’m amazed at the product.“ Big thanks to our beta testers and for the feedback we have received.

Let’s wrap this up. The 27WON RMM provides you with drastically reduced engine movement which improves response, reduces wheel hop and shaves nearly a pound of weight all from a durable billet aluminum with optimized NVH. We want you to LOVE our new RMM in your Civic!

Like every 27WON Performance part, we skipped the typical black and white paper instructions. Instead we REDEFINE instructions with concise, clear, and interactive digital installation instructions you can use on your mobile device. However, if you’re a bit old school; PDF color instructions are always available for print.

Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Performance. We invite you to pick one up for yourself. 27WON Performance RMM.

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