27WON Performance Cold Air Intake System Launches for the Honda Civic

27WON is proud to announce the launch of our Cold Air Intake System for the Civic 1.5L turbo engine found in the Civic Coupe, Sedan, Hatchback, and SI.

Over the past few months we have been trickling out information about the 27WON Cold Air Intake (CAI) System; starting with a basic breakdown of the OEM intake, followed with the design and performance of the 27WON Intake.  Now the wait is over!


If you’re new to the 27WON family or just want a refresher, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our design blogs for the 27WON Cold Air Intake (CAI) System here. 


So how does the 27WON Civic Performance Intake REDEFINE? Well, it’s not just one single part that makes this performance intake for your Civic stand out, but the combination of well thought out, designed, and tested parts. Let’s dig in.   

The most obvious part of this system is the cold air box.  


This unique design pulls cool ambient air from the fender well like your typical cold air intake, but unlike the typical design, the filter is not located in the fender well were it can be compromised with debris and water.  An air filter in the engine bay rather than the fender comes with the added benefit of quick and easy filter maintenance and installation.


Speaking of installation; the 27WON CAI comes with 100% stainless steel hardware, brackets and T-bolt clamps for a long lasting and durable finish, but it doesn’t stop there.

 We have tossed away the typical black and white paper instructions and instead REDEFINE instructions with concise, clear, and interactive digital installation instructions you can use on your mobile device.  Of course, you can always print them in handy PDF format in full color if that’s what you prefer.


Check out our blog about how we are taking the installation instructions experience to the next level and putting the power of knowledge into your hands here. 

Wrapping up the 27WON Intake System; it includes the dryflow air filter, seamless flow silicone couplers, and precision machined billet MAF housing that has been tuned for the factory AFM calibration.

You can install the 27WON CAI into your Civic without the worry of a check engine light or poor running condition.


Precision machined so a tune is not required 

As we sign off here we want to thank you for your continued support and interest in 27WON. We invite you to join us as we REDEFINE what it means to be a car enthusiast in the 21st century. As well be sure to check out our full video break down here.

Don’t hesitate; pre-orders are stacking up and there aren’t many left!

I dare you to REDEFINE!