AIM Solo 2 for the FK7: Keeping Laps Posted

You can regularly find us at the race track whether it be at our local track Portland International Raceway or something a little further south like Thunderhill or Buttonwillow. There is always a set of tools and equipment that we take with us. One of the tools you will always find in the cockpit of our FK7 Civic Hatchback Sport is our AIM Solo.

The original AIM Solo

The original AIM Solo

the AIM Solo 2 is a small and compact racing lap timer that automatically tells you your lap times with GPS technology. the unit can automatically identifies the finish line coordinates and starts sampling and displaying your lap times real Time.

It’s a super great tool to have at the track. It’s a way to measure and see the differences from both physical part changes and driver improvements. By seeing real lap times you are able learn where you have gotten faster or slower.

We keep this in our FK7 at all track events because it allows us to see if our performance parts are giving us the gains that we want. For example, with the addition of our upgraded Big Brake Kit (BBK) we are able to brake later and harder into a corner. By having a tool like the AIM Solo 2 we can measure just how much faster we are getting through a corner. We can go back and look at the data on a laptop and see where we are braking and how soon we are getting back on the gas. This lets us know that our BBK is indeed improving our lap times.

The new AIM Solo 2 (pic courtesy of AIM-sportline)

The new AIM Solo 2 (pic courtesy of AIM-sportline)


Manufacture: AIM

Part # AIM Solo

Components: Solo 2, Power cable with car lighter socket, Power cable with AC adapter, Mounting bracket with screws, User manual, Software installation CD


  • Predictive lap timing based on sectors and satellite positioning

  • Customizable LEDs to display the gap between lap times

  • A performance test mode that can measure things like 0-60 times and more

  • Built-in WiFi so you can easily transfer lap time and data to your PC for review

  • OBD-II plug for both power and data (Solo 2 DL version)

  • Database of over 2000 tracks so you are sure to find the one you need

The Solo has been a valuable tool for us to truly measure the effectiveness of our parts and to make sure that our cars are performing up to expectations. The ability to measure and see exactly where lap time is being lost or gained really helps us dial in our designs.

The great thing about the Solo and why it deserves its own project car post is because we recommend you get one. If you are looking to start road racing, auto-cross, or even just test out your own car on the street the Solo is a great way of learning about your car and you the driver.

Be sure to check it on AIM’s website and checking your pace.