SHIFT IT! Acuity Instruments product review

As a company dedicated to the new Honda platform, we pride ourselves in not only developing some of the most unique and innovative products for the 2016+ Civic but growing and pushing the platform alongside other companies and enthusiasts. As we continue to develop our products and push our cars to the limit we find the need to upgrade other parts on the cars with support from like-minded companies.

We don’t just intend to create some of the best products for the CivicX. We also want to help the community learn about the Civic by identifying other useful parts and sharing our experience with them.
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We noticed right out of the gate that both our 2018 Civic SI and 2017 Sport Hatchback have a very poor shifting feel from the OE cable system. We were looking to not only reduce the time to shift but more importantly to get more driver feedback from the drivetrain.  

We needed to address this in order to make the car more racer friendly. We reached out to Russ, the owner of Acuity, who fully understood our scenario and had just the right pieces to solve this problem for us. Russ hooked us up with the full Acuity Instruments catalog.

After some super quick shipping and easy communication we installed the following:

  • Shifter cable bushing upgrade

  • ESCO shift knob

  • Performance centering spring

  • Base bushings

  • Rocker upgrade

  • Short throw adapter

  • Throttle pedal spacer

Skip forward to post install -- all we can say is WOW!

The shifting and feel through the transaxle is 100% better. Everything is tightened up and feels much more in sync. The upgraded bushings took out the flex from the base. The rocker arm and centering spring help command a much sportier and intentional feel. The knob and adapter really rounded it all out.

With just a little bit of notchiness left in the gearbox, we decided to drain out the OEM transmission fluid and replaced it with MOTUL racing fluid. This turned out the be the final piece of the puzzle. The system is now perfect!

We couldn’t be more pleased with how the whole package worked out. These are upgrades that we highly recommend for the 10th gen Civic.

On a closing note, we recently asked on Instagram if you wanted to follow along with our project cars. The answer was a resounding YES! Well I’m happy to announce that in the coming months we will be adding a new page to our website so you can follow along with our project cars.

We will post up our builds; what parts they are getting, current build status, other part recommendations and shoutouts, along with much more. So be sure to come back to our website to follow along. 

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