New kid on the block

Good day fellow Honda enthusiast.

If you have been following us via Instagram or our other social media channels then you probably have already caught notice of our new steed in the stable. If you haven't heard then allow me to be the first to officially introduce you to the newest member of our family. Our White Orchid 2018 SI Sedan.

27WON Honda Civic SI

We picked this beauty up just about a month ago so that we can continue to push the 10th Gen civic community harder and stronger than anyone. We know that in order to develop the best products and provide the best service we have to get as close to these cars as we can.

We don't just make parts for these cars, we daily them, wrench them, and race them all in the pursuit of giving you guys the best we can.

At just over 1000 miles this car has already been on track racing and been in our design shop multiple times so that we can dig in and learn all about the chassis and more.

We have already confirmed fitment of our CAI along with our performance downpipe and front pipe. We have already found several areas of improvement for the car. We aim to stiffen up the chassis to provide more rigidity and increase top end power output ASAP.

Turbo Civic SI on track

So what all do we have in store for this car. Lots! Officially we can confirm that both the SI sedan and coupe will get a front pipe back exhaust similar to our hatchback model. We will be looking at how to get more the power to the ground. And while we are at it, we are going to continue to make more power. Like “big” power. 😎

So if you haven't yet subscribed to our blogs or follow us on Facebook and Instagram I highly suggest you do. You won’t want to miss what we’ve got in the works. Believe me we are just getting started.

Honda Civic SI exhaust teaser

Till next time
Vincent Melón