Hondata Experience 2019 - Event Recap

When I am asked why we started 27WON the answer is easy. We want to REDEFINE the Honda aftermarket. We aim to change how it’s perceived and how a company supports an individual in his or her build. We understand and support the enthusiast because we are the enthusiast. We work on our own cars, we race our own cars, and we go to some of the biggest 10th gen events around. The Hondata Experience earlier this month was an example of just such an event.

After hustling to get our 2018 Civic Type R fully wrapped by our friends over at Tailored Auto Styling, three members of my team and I left Vancouver, WA at 11pm on the night  before the festivities began to drive a long 14 hours to Bakersfield, California. Now what would make four guys burn the midnight oil for that kind of drive?

The answer was the 1st Annual Hondata Experience.

27WON Civic SI on display; photo by Rodrez of Super Street

27WON Civic SI on display; photo by Rodrez of Super Street

As the name says, the Hondata Experience is an event that is hosted by Hondata and features drag racing, a car show, live music, dyno pulls, vendor booths and more. However, what the name does not tell you is that this event grew into the largest 10th gen Civic gathering on the West Coast. The event was organized by leading members of various Civic groups all over Cali including SoCal CTR, Cali Connected, and the family of SD,BA,OC,IE,LA Xgen chapters. This meet quickly grew to epic proportions!


On the evening before the event we had the pleasure of being invited to an AirBnB hosted by Bay area Xgen members for a delicious cookout and car prep session.

Their massive 6 car garage and long driveway was packed full with SI’s, Type R’s, Hatchback Sports and every other 10th gen model Civic you could think of. Every variety from stock to fully bolted was there. It was awesome to see and talk to everyone about their passion for this platform.

The next day, Saturday, was the event at Famoso Raceway and the hype did not disappoint. Over 150+ 10th gen Civics poured into the lot. Racers, spectators, and car show attendees alike filled the house with some of the best builds around. We witnessed a new 10th gen Civic quarter mile record, were introduced to some big upcoming builds for the season, saw everyone’s favorite Honda lady DamnGina launch her new and upcoming apparel line ,and did all this while hanging out with our closest friends. We also had the opportunity to reveal our brand new FK8 livery for the first time and also introduce to the world to our newly released SI sedan exhaust.  

check out some pictures of the event below courtesy of @flyingsquirrel.fk7

Now if you think the festivities ended after the show was over you could not be more wrong. After a quick break to get refreshed from being out in the sun all day the most die-hard enthusiasts met for a big meal to celebrate and hang out. Oh and we crashed a local car meet that night as well. Nothing like showing up 30+ cars strong to and seeing how the locals react.

Rodrez @ Super Street

Rodrez @ Super Street

Rodrez @ Super Street

Rodrez @ Super Street

After an amazing time during this jam packed weekend we drove ourselves 14 hours back home to be ready first thing Monday to get back to business.


If there is one thing we love about these new Civics it is how strong and committed you guys are. I can honestly say this is the best car community of any brand I have ever had the opportunity to be apart of. Your passion, your drive, it’s what inspires us to keep pushing 27WON forward, pushing the platform, and helping this community grow.

We hope to see you at the next event ;)