Honda Type R Silicone Boost Tubes – Get Your Boost On

27WON Performance is proud to announce the release of our High-Performance Boost Tubes for the 2017+ Civic Type R. This is not just another silicone version of the OEM tubes but an upgraded silicone piece. Our team took the boost tube and created a part that not only looks great and performs well but also increases reliability. This is how you REDEFINE.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about this then check out our OEM Breakdown and Design Part 2 Blog for even more information. Let’s dig into the features of the 27WON Boost Tubes.


There is a whole lot going on in this image. Let’s break it down.

1) Wire Reinforcement:  Instead of relying on only the braided enforcement to hold pressure we have added wire that is woven into the silicone and braiding.

2) 4-ply Braiding: Compared to OE 1-ply, 4-plys are used to increase pressure resistance and durability of the coupler.

3) Bead Groove: A bead groove is formed into the silicone coupler to match the OE intercooler pipes. This improves boost sealing and reduces the chance of unknowingly creating a boost leak during install. The coupler will “pop into place” so you know it’s right.


Just in case you are unfamiliar with the “bead groove” check out the image above. These are the hot side and cold side cast pipes that bolt directly to the intercooler. They each have a machined bead for coupler sealing. Oh yeah! The team at 27WON Performance took that sealing to the next level. ;-p


Here you can see one of the OEM boost tubes…yup that’s what’s holding your boost in.

We built a pressure testing fixture so we could pressure test our designs in a controllable and repeatable manner. Trying to get this data while driving the car was not a good idea. 

In our testing, we found that on average, the 27WON boost tubes outperformed the OEM boost tubes by up to 45%


How does this affect performance? With boost tubes that are now expanding less the required time for your turbocharger to reach target boost pressure is also less. This means faster response from the turbocharger in all driving situations.   

You’ll also notice in the above image that we made installation just a bit easier by labelling which end attaches to the intercooler. 

All these features are wrapped up into a simple and effective part that also come with 27WON’s personal customer service, free shipping in the USA-48, and digital interactive installation instructions.


Two colors are available;  Slate Grey and to honor the Type R our Redline Red. Included with each Boost Tube kit are stainless steel T-bolt clamps. 

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