Honda Civic Type R Exhaust Power – Design Pt. 3

POWER…You’ve been asking and we’ve been testing. Today we put the numbers on the table.


For the design of the Civic Type R exhaust, we knew that over-designing the exhaust was the only path to take. With that, we went straight to the 80mm (3.125inch) stainless steel piping. This will support well over 500whp and the larger piping provides a deeper tone.

However, you’re not here for the details about how we REDEFINE the exhaust for the 2019 Civic Type R. Instead you want numbers…let’s dig in.

 In the following dyno graphs, we will show you a single graph for each vehicle setup. However, we completed ~7 runs for each setup and used the graph that best represented the average for each setup. This way you get a real-world average and not just a exaggerated number. With 7 graphs from each setup in the images the details would have gotten lost and it becomes difficult to understand, so this will make it straight to the point.

Test Vehicle: 2018 Honda Civic Type R with OEM Tune and OEM Parts – There are no non-OEM performance parts installed that would affect engine power.

Exhaust bolt in only (no other mods, stock tune)

Exhaust bolt in only (no other mods, stock tune)

Test 1:
Here we have the average for OEM Tune and OEM Exhaust (RED) vs the drop-in test of the 27WON Performance Exhaust (GREEN). We see an overall increase in power across the entire RPM range with a peak wTq of 16 and peak wHp of 11. It’s also worth noting that nowhere do we see a loss of power from the installation of the 27WON exhaust.


Test 2:
In this test (shown in PINK) we added a catless downpipe to the test car. Most notable is the increase in power under 4000rpm. This tells us the OEM downpipe can be a restriction to turbo spool and efficiency. From 4000rpm and up we don’t see a major difference in power with the catless downpipe adding around 2-3whp peak.

The most unique axle-back section for the Civic Type R

The most unique axle-back section for the Civic Type R

The Civic Type R is a great platform and one that is going to continue growing quickly. The K20C1 power plant is eager to make power with tuning and great free-flowing mods. Treat your CTR right with the 27WON Performance True 3+ inch Exhaust.

We are confident we’ve gotten all the power to be had from an exhaust system. But there is more to be had elsewhere. Be sure to check out our next update on our upcoming Type R Intercooler. 

I DARE You to REDEFINE the Aftermarket