27WON Announces – Leather Shift Knob for 10th Gen Civic

27WON Performance is focused on developing high performance components for the 10th Gen Civic Platform like the Cold Air Intake, Exhaust System, and the well-known W1 Turbocharger. Despite this focus on power parts, we recognize that there is more to driving your Honda Civic than just raw power. As the driver you interface with that raw power via a select few touch-points in the cabin of the vehicle.

These touchpoints are critical to the enjoyment and confidence of the driver.

Enter the 27WON Leather Shift Knob; designed to improve the experience of driving your Civicx. We’ve blended style, quality, and performance into one confidence inspiring component that you literally touch every time you drive your car.


How can a shift knob be so dramatic? Like anything you interface with on a daily basis, it’s all in the details. With a shift knob, the primary interface is tactile (aka touch) so we focus on that via the weight, materials, and shape.


The OEM shift knobs while better than most factory designs do leave something to be desired.

We increased the weight of the knob from ~138grams (OEM) to ~320gram (27WON).

This improves the “mechanical” feel of the shifting process which helps you feel more connected to the car.  

You’ll also notice the bare metal used on the OEM design. This looks great, but gets extremely hot in the summer months and down right frozen in the winter. The 27WON shift knob is wrapped in genuine leather and fastened with red or black stitching. Leather has much less extreme temperature swings and great in the hand. 


Lastly, the shape is very purposeful. The ergonomic design is comfortable to use in both top and side holding positions.

Civic_Type_R_ stitching.png

Designed for the FK8 Type R, FC1, FC3 SI, and other manual transmission 10th Gens, the 27WON Leather Shift Knob is a beautiful addition to any interior.  

Available at launch will be two color options: Stealth Black Stitching and Redline Red Stitching, both with the black 27WON embroidery.  We have to admit we are torn on the red or black in our personal cars. We keep switching back and forth because they both look great.


We are pleased to let you know this works well with the Acuity Instruments Shifter Assembly.  We have the complete Acuity replacement kit in our 2017 Civic SI.  

Check it out the video here.  It hits you right in the feels…


With that we leave you with one last shot of your new shift knob…

Thanks for tuning in with 27WON Honda Performance.

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-Barett @ 27WON