Product Submission Policy

We receive many suggestions from persons outside the company relating to the products we manufacture and methods of marketing such products. These suggestions are made by correspondence, by telephone and in some instances by visitors to our offices. Although we welcome and encourage such submission, many of them relate to ideas already well known to us.

For many years we have maintained an active Research and Engineering Department whose efforts have been continuously directed toward developing new products and improving current ones. Other skilled personnel of the company have considerable experience in formulating advertising and selling programs. In view of the diligent work and background of its employees, it is not surprising that many of the suggestions made to the company from the outside are already known or available to it through the efforts of its staff. It is only reasonable that no compensation should be given for the submission of old or previously available ideas.

In order that the rights of both the submitter and the company be clearly defined, the company has an established procedure governing the receipt and consideration of such submissions. Suggestions must be submitted in accordance with the CONDITIONS OF SUBMISSION set forth in this bulletin. If you would like us to consider your suggestion, whether or not it is submitted with the expectancy of possible compensation, you should click on the box indicating you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the CONDITIONS OF SUBMISSION. We will then carefully review your submission and advise you promptly if we wish to acquire any rights in your idea.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to receiving your submission.

Thank you,

27WON Performance LLC

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  1. No confidential relationship is established or is to be implied from the consideration of the submitted material, and the material is not to be considered as submitted "in confidence."
  2. The submitter's rights with respect to all information submitted shall be limited to those rights which the submitter has obtained or may obtain under the Patent Laws of the United States or any foreign country.
  3. Any previously, concurrently, or subsequently submitted suggestion, information, material or models relating to this submission shall be considered to have been submitted in accordance with these Conditions of Submission.
  4. The receipt or consideration by 27WON of any suggestion shall not constitute a waiver by 27WON of its rights to contest the validity of any patent that may have been or may hereafter be obtained on the subject matter of the suggestion. 
  5. 27WON shall be under no obligation to the submitter to reveal any information regarding its activities in the general or specific field to which the suggestion pertains or to give reasons for its decisions or to do other than to communicate its decisions to the submitter.
  6. The entering into negotiations for the purchase of any suggestion or the making of an offer for its purchase shall not be deemed an admission by 27WON as to the novelty of the suggestion, or of priority or originality on the part of the submitter.
  7. As used herein, "27WON" shall include its subsidiary, affiliated, related and controlled companies.
  8. The foregoing conditions may not be modified or waived, except in writing and signed by an officer of 27WON.