Keeping Things Cool (Sirimoto Oil Cooler)

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The race track is like our 2nd home to us.

It’s fun to be at, always makes us happy, and we do what we can to find ourselves there as much in a given year as we can.

More importantly it’s a tool in our arsenal to developing you guys some of the best and most thoroughly tested Honda performance parts for the CivicX. We know that in order to be able to have a part that delivers on the street we need to have parts that can deliver on the track.

Knowing that our 2018 Civic SI will find itself on many road courses and race tracks over the coming years it was important that we started early to prepare the car to be able to take the abuse. We knew we needed to add the provisions and parts to make for a reliable car both on track and on the street and that was going to start with heat management.

The quests to keep temps in control lead us to the guys at Siri Moto. Being some track rats themselves, the team over there took it upon themselves very early to develop an easy to install and straight bolt on oil-cooler kit for the 10th generation Civic. They offer a complete kit that includes everything from the braided hoses, brackets, oil pedestal, hardware, and heat exchanger itself along with handy AN wrench for install. There kit was also pretty cool in that the new adapter comes with provisions for NPT fittings so you can mount up an oil pressure or oil temp gauge. Actually you can have both. That we found very cool and super useful to be able to record data if we need to on these parameters.

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Manufacture: Siri Moto

Part #: SiriMoto oil cooler kit

Components: Heat exchanger, pre-assembeled -10 AN lines, oil filter pedestal, hardware, mounting brackets


  • 19 Row oil cooler with dimensions of 285x150x50 mm

  • -10 AN fittings and union with install wrench

  • Compatible with the OEM size oil filter

  • Optimally located core for greatest surface area


Out of the box that kit is very nice.

As mentioned it comes with everything you need including hardware and fittings all the way down to some Loctite they recommend to secure the oil filter pedestal. We really like this aspect because it means no running to the hardware store mid install for some parts.

The 19 row core is a great size and perfectly suited for the application. We really like the location of where they mount the core for 2 reasons.

  1. Being more centered in front of the grill as opposed to the lower sides like behind a fog light puts the core in an area where it sees high pressure. This ensures that air really pushes through it and maximizes the cooling of the core by having the best airflow through it.

  2. Its location makes it easy to service and keep clean should you find yourself needing it.

Install was straight forward and one of the better ones to install in our opinion. They make it very easy with not only clearly labeled braided oil lines but they have a really good install video on YouTube as well. (thanks Rudy). Upon install the addition of the cooler kit will require you to increase your oil fill by 1 quart, this is due to the volume that the core now fills up. We also suggest making sure that you get all your fittings nice and tight to ensure no leaks.

This is a great performance mod and one we suggest for those who track their cars often or find themselves in a climate where extreme heat is an issue.

So far we have averaged about ~30 to ~40 degF cooler oil temps with this kit and the ability to push harder. With the oil cooler our SI is retaining OEM viscoscity fluid as we have not had the need to go to any thicker yet. Go thicker without the need to just gives up free power that we rather maintain on track. We are looking forward to many years of on track abuse with this kit.


Installing the bracket for the oil filter pedestal is done right in front of the A/C compressor. You will find that a pair of fittings for line attachments are very close if not touching the lower bracket to the A/C compressor. We took a dremel and shaved down this lower section to allow enough room for our AN fitting to be able to turn and tighten without getting hung up.